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A back porch with a pool and trees in the background

Best Backyard Locations for Your Outdoor Living Space Features

We all want a fabulous outdoor living space, but it can be difficult to know where to put everything, especially if you have a large or uniquely shaped backyard.  


The truth is you can fit everything you want in your backyard (space provided), but you need to be sure that your utilities and décor are organized to maximize their usefulness and efficiency.  

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Store Your Grill in Cold Weather

Grill Storage Tips for the Winter

Nothing beats the fun of a summer grill cookout in your backyard.  


But now that winter's chill is in the air, the days of backyard cookouts are over for the next few months.  

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White cushion chairs in the back patio of a backyard

Bring the Comfort of the Indoors Out

February 21, 2022  |  Comfort, Outdoor Spaces, Prepping

Outdoor living areas are a great way to enjoy the comforts of modern life while enjoying the fresh air of nature.  

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Front lawn, mowed with flowers and plants

How to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

February 7, 2022  |  Prepping, Seasonal, Yard

As winter weather starts to warm, lawn care should be creeping into the back of your mind.  

If you want a lush, vibrant lawn come spring, then you must start preparing your lawn in winter.  

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