How to Landscape Around Your In-Ground Pool

How to Landscape Around Your In-Ground Pool

In-Ground Pool for your outdoor living space

Nothing beats a pristine backyard pool. Its cool waters are an oasis on a blistering summer day, and an afternoon spent tanning on a pool float is more relaxing than any luxury spa.  


Swimming pools are often the centerpiece of a backyard, and your pool’s landscaping can often make or break the beauty of your swimming space.  


The softscaping and hardscaping you add to your yard will help add to the charm and allure of your swimming pool. But, if your additions do not match and compliment your pool and house, they can detract from your yard’s overall beauty. 


Decking, plants, lighting, and other features all must be considered when you decide what to add to your home.  


In this post, we will give you the best tips for how to add landscaping to your in-ground pool. 


Landscaping Features to Include with Your In-Ground Pool 


Landscaping for your in-ground pool is one of the most important parts of keeping your backyard beautiful.  


When pool-scaping, four major categories must be considered. Those categories are safety, privacy, function, and style.  


Let’s take a closer look at each.  


Safety. Safety is the most important consideration to take when landscaping your pool. Pools pose a significant danger to small children and pets, but they can also be a serious threat to adults. Fencing, slip-resistant surfaces, and proper lighting are all musts.  


Privacy. You don’t want just anyone looking into your yard as you swim or sunbathe. Fencing, hedging, vines, and other shade structures are excellent ways to ensure that your pool is a private space.  


Function. Your pool should be accessible, open, and easy to clean. Make sure your landscaping elements do not impede your access to your pool or your ability to perform regular maintenance.  


Style. Last but not least is style. This is how your pool looks and the aesthetic you choose to represent. You can do as much or as little as you choose. It’s all up to you and your tastes.  


So now that we understand the four main categories, where do we start? 


Make a plan.  


Before you do any landscaping, make a plan and set aside a budget.  


Consider the look you want to achieve.  


Do you want a minimalist style? Or more of a classic design?  


Decide on your theme and that will help inform the types of materials you need to purchase.  


Many homeowners choose to match their home décor with their pools, but some choose for the themes to purposely clash.  


Decide on the elements you will need.  


Once you have a plan on what you want your pool space to look like, you can make choices on the specific elements to include.  


Let’s break down your choices by category.  




Lights keep your pool safe and properly visible.  


Use a combination of path lights, tree lights, and spotlights for the optimal effect.  




Greenery is just the thing to add a burst of life to your pool area.  


Avoid plants and trees that habitually shed leaves around your property (unless you love working with a pool skimmer).  


Second, avoid plants that attract bees and other insects. This will be a huge nuisance to you while you swim.  


Look for plant types that do best in your region and opt for those species.  




Local laws may require fencing for yards with in-ground pools. If this is the case in your jurisdiction, proper fencing is a must.  


Fences not only protect wandering people and animals from falling into your pool, but they also are excellent sources of privacy. 


Choose between wood, aluminum, PVC, or other materials. Your choice will greatly impact your final aesthetic.   




Many pool owners choose to include decking as a part of their pool.  


Decks are excellent because they serve as a dry refuge away from the water.  


You can choose from many different materials including wood, limestone, concrete, brick tile, and more.  


Decks can add a seriously stylish component to your yard and make your pool-to-home transition seamless.  


Better Landscaping with Outdoor Experts 


You want your pool to look its best. You also want it to be accessible and easy to use.  


There is no better way to ensure that your pool is the best it can be than by investing in premium landscape design and building by Outdoor Experts.  


Outdoor Experts understand that no two pools or yards are the same. That’s why when we work with you, each element of the project is tailored to your needs. You will never have the same design elements as anyone else in town, your yard will be entirely unique to you.  


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