Different Types of Fences to Consider for Your Yard

Different Types of Fences to Consider for Your Yard

March 7, 2022  |  Fences, Outdoor Spaces, Yard
A fenced in yard

There is nothing like unwinding in your backyard after a hard day’s work.  


The only problem is without a fence on the perimeter of your backyard, anyone can peek into your private paradise. That includes neighbors, pedestrians, and anyone else with a wandering eye.  


Once you decide you are ready for a fence, you will quickly see that there are numerous options to choose from.  


The choice goes beyond looks. You must consider the purpose you need your fence to serve, your fencing budget, and any HOA rules or guidelines you must follow.  


You may choose to fence in only a portion of your backyard or the entire plot. So long as you have a thought-out plan before you start construction you will have success.  


But what is the right kind of fence for your yard? 


In this post, we will go over a few different options you have when selecting a new fence.  


Fences to Consider for Your Yard 


There are many different types of fences to choose from. You want a style that enhances the appeal of your backyard while also keeping your yard secure.  


The following are the most popular domestic options.  


Wood Fence.  


Perhaps the most common type of fence, the wood fence allows you to customize your level of security and privacy. Your wood fence can be composed of plain, lightly treated planks or it can be ornate and thoroughly primed and painted.  


The most important part of a wood fence is the type of wood used. While pine is cheap and adaptable, it is soft and easily marred. Harder woods, like cedar or redwood, are more durable and sustainable, but they will have a heavier impact on your budget. 


Keep in mind that wooden fencing is not maintenance-free, and you will need to become familiar with the regular maintenance your fence will need to stay healthy.  


Vinyl Fence.  


Vinyl fences can be highly attractive as they come in many different styles and colors. They also last a long time, are maintenance-free, and are five times stronger than wood. You will pay a bit more on the front end, but vinyl fences can survive up to 10 years of heavy wear and tear.  


Wrought Iron Fence. 


Wrought iron fences have been popular for generations due to their stylish appeal and high-security index. The pickets are spaced farther apart than other types of fences, so you lose some privacy with wrought iron. Ornate fence models can be pricy but wrought iron fences can last for decades.  


Chain link fence.  


More popular for businesses, chain link fences can be a popular choice for domestic properties too. Chain link fences are very budget-friendly and provide excellent security. They require no maintenance and can be covered by plastic, vinyl, or metal decorations to add curb appeal.  


Steel/aluminum fence.  


Steel and aluminum fences are attractive as they offer a great amount of coverage and durability. Aluminum is a weaker material than steel, so if you prioritize protection, steel is the way to go. 


Aluminum tends to be more resistant to moist, cool weather, while steel stands up better to hot and humid weather.  


A More Private Estate 


There is nothing worse than unwinding in your backyard after a long day and worrying whether your neighbors can peek in.  


You deserve a private space where you can relax without the fear of being seen or approached off guard.  


The best way to ensure your privacy and protection is by building a sturdy, high-quality fence around your property.  


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