How to Light Your Outdoor Spaces

How to Light Your Outdoor Spaces

February 14, 2022  |  Lights, Outdoor Spaces
Outdoor string lights with a swimming pool in the back yard

Stylish, vibrant outdoor spaces are great for spending your day in the rich world of nature.  

However, when the sun sets and there is no natural light left to illuminate the space, darkness can make even the most comfortable outdoor living areas unusable.  

Because of this, many people choose to light their outdoor living spaces.  

Installing lighting fixtures in your backyard living space is a great way to ensure that you can use your outdoor space at any time of day.  

You have many options when it comes to lighting up your outdoor area. We at Outdoor Experts want to make the choice as easy as possible for you.  

This post will go over some of the most popular options for lighting outdoor living spaces.  

Your Outdoor Lighting Options 

You have many options to illuminate your outdoor spaces. Use the following list to help you narrow down your decision.  

  1. String lights.  

    String lights are a very popular lighting choice as they can hang from any surface and provide a warm, soothing ambiance for any space they illuminate.  

    It is best to run string lights around the parameter of your space. Another option is to run them in parallel lines above the space, attaching the wires to your pergola or canopy.  

    The major benefit of string lights is that they can be moved around easily. This means you can change them out or illuminate other areas of your yard with minimal effort.  

  1. Lanterns. 

    Lanterns are another very popular lighting choice. Like string lights, they are easily movable and can be hung from any surface. Stick-on command hooks work well for hanging lanterns on flat surfaces.  

    Lanterns will give your yard an antiquated, rustic style. They emit a warm, low glow perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.  

    Floor lanterns help illuminate dark decks and shadowy corners of your yard.  

    Give your yard an infusion of old-world charm with a cluster of lanterns.  

  1. Candles. 

    Candles are perfect for small amounts of light and work best on calm, windless days to give a pinch of light to a night.  

    Consider purchasing scented candles to help you unwind at the end of the day.  

    Give your outdoor area true romantic lighting with properly placed candles.  

  1. Pendant lights.  

    Pendant lights are perfect if you are looking for a hanging outdoor light source.  

    They come in many different styles, all emitting different levels of light.  

    Pendant lights work well if you want maximum control of the light level in your yard.  

    They hang well from pergolas and canopies and give your yard a modern, chic style.  

  1. Path lights.  

    Path lights are perfect when you want to make sure walkways are lit.  

    Solar-powered, path lights stick into the ground with a stake.  

    They will give your yard a modern glow and are easy to move about.  

    Install path lights today and never lose your footing at night again.  

A Yard You Can See 

The best way to ensure that you can use your outdoor living spaces at any time of day is by installing sufficient outdoor lighting. You don’t have to go overboard. Choose a few different lighting apparatuses and install them in places that see the most nighttime action.  

Consider investing in several different types of lighting for maximum charm.  

If you are looking for major renovations to your backyard, reach out to Outdoor Experts. We have the skills and knowledge to turn your yard into a private outdoor paradise.