Your Step-by-Step Guide to Pool Installation

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Pool Installation

September 19, 2022  |  In-Ground Pools
pool for your back yard

There is nothing quite like a private pool in your backyard.  


Whether you like to go for a dip on a blistering summer day, or you prefer to sip a cocktail while you watch your kids (and pets) splash around in the crystal blue water, in-ground pools offer the best way to unwind after a hectic day of work and errands. 


 Many homeowners want to install a new in-ground pool in their yard, but they don’t know where to begin and what the process will look like.  


If you are considering installing an inground pool, the first thing you need to know is that it is not something that will be done in a weekend (or even two). The average time to install an in-ground pool is between 8-10 weeks depending on the size and the features you want.  


If you’re ready for that level of time commitment, have a budget set aside, and want to take the next steps, this post is for you. 

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to pool installation that will take you from breaking ground to your first swim. 


Your Pool Installation Guide 


Let’s take a look at the 15 steps to a fully finished in-ground pool. 


Step 1: Permits and Approvals 


Do you live in an HOA? A township? City? Municipality? If so, then you may need to get approval from these governing bodies before you break ground.  


Look into local rules and laws and get approval on your plans if necessary.  


Step 2: Create a Layout 


The layout includes shaping, size, and location of the pool in your yard. All of these details need to be marked before you can proceed.  


Step 3: Excavation 


Your hired crew will come out and break ground. They will create a space in the ground where your pool will go based on your engineering plan.  


Be prepared to move any hardscaping or decorations to make way for this process. Also, make note of irrigation lines as they will need to be repaired or moved if the excavation interrupts them.  


Step 4: Plumbing and Equipment Set 


A plumber will come out and plumb all the filtration and circulation equipment. 


Step 5: Structural Steel 


To support your pool (and its immense water weight) steel bars will serve as an underground skeleton. The steel bars, placed horizontally and vertically, will be specially engineered to hold the weight of your pool.  


Step 6: Electric Work 


If you want your pool filter to work, this step is key. An electrician will come to your yard and install the wiring.  


Step 7: City Electrical Inspection 


Now that your wiring is installed, it's time to schedule a city official to come out and investigate. Once the city official has approved your pool's wiring, you may proceed.  


Step 8: Enter Shotcrete 


Shotcrete, concrete shot out of a high-pressure hose, creates a shell for your new pool.  


After the shotcrete is placed, you (the homeowner) must lightly water it 3-4 times a day to allow for the concrete to properly cure. It will take 5-7 days before you can proceed to the next step.  


Step 9: Tiles and Coping 


Now that the shotcrete is set, it’s time to make your pool pretty! That means installing tiles and coping around the edges. 


Step 10: Decking 


If you want to walk around near your pool, you will need decking. Pavers and concrete are the most popular materials used for decking.  


Step 11: Outdoor Living Spaces 


If you want outdoor spaces for shade and entertainment where you can spend time poolside, then outdoor living spaces are a must. Outdoor kitchens, pergolas, and firepits are all great ways to add extra life to your outdoor pool.  


Step 12: Final City Inspection 


Encore! City officials must come out again and inspect your pool. This step must come before your team installs your pool surface. The official will ensure that all barrier requirements have been met and that your pool installation is safe.  


Step 13: Final Clean Up 


Your team will remove all extra construction equipment and waste from your yard to prepare for the final steps.  


Step 14: Pool Surface 


Almost there! Now all your pool needs (before water) is a surface finish. Your team will apply your pool’s finish, then it will need 24 hours to cure before you can add water.  


Step 15: Water, Water Everywhere! 


You’re probably ready to jump in your pool for your first dip! But don’t forget the water! 


You’ll need to have your pool filled with water and all your equipment started.  


Once your pool is full of water and your filters are turned on, it’s time to swim.  


Come on in, the water’s fine! 


Pool Installation Made Easy with Outdoor Experts 


There are fifteen steps to pool installation. You could hire a separate company for each step, set up appointment times for each company, field endless phone calls, and deal with irritating delays. 


Or you could go to the pros who can handle it all. That includes all electrical work, excavation, and getting permits from your HOA and city. 


Outdoor Experts make pool installation easy. We save you time and stress by handling each step of pool installation. The result is a pristine and elegant in-ground pool right in your backyard.  


If you are ready for the best pool installation in Cincinnati made easy, reach out to Outdoor Experts today!