Winterizing Your In-Ground Pool: Tips for Success

Winterizing Your In-Ground Pool: Tips for Success

October 17, 2022  |  In-Ground Pools, Tips and Tools, Upgrades, Yard
Winterizing Your In-Ground Pool: Tips for Success

Goodbyes are never easy. 


And saying goodbye to summer is one of the hardest farewells of all. The days of warm sunny weather and cool breezes are over. So are cozy days spent relaxing poolside.  


That means the time to close your pool for the fall has arrived.  


But when is the best time to close your pool and what steps do you need to take for a successful pool shutdown? 


In this post, we will give you insider information on when it is best to shut down your pool in the Greater Cincinnati area, and the steps you can take for ultimate success. 


Factors to Consider for Closing Your Pool in Fall 


At Outdoor Experts, there’s nothing we hate worse than shivering in brisk weather. When the tide of summer turns to the cool chill of autumn, that means it’s time for your pool to go into hibernation. 


Here are some factors that will help you decide when it is time to shut down your pool. 




This is the biggest factor to consider. 


Those lucky homeowners in Arizona and Florida might be able to keep their pools open year-round, but here in Ohio fall means pools must close.  


The time-honored schedule for pool opening runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day (May to September) and we recommend you follow the same schedule. On warmer years you can stretch into late September, but by the time October hits, your pool should be shut down. 


Pool Heater 


One factor that can extend your pool season is a heater. If your pool has a heater installed you can swim comfortably into October.  


Just be sure your pool is shut down by the time the thermometer hits 32 degrees.  


Also be sure your pump is in working order long before the calendar flips to October, or else you will be due for a nasty surprise when you find ice cubes floating in your pool on October 1st. 


Tree Cover 


If you are responsible for skimming your pool, then you know that a handful of leaves are a pain in the neck. Now picture a whole tree’s worth of leaves.  


That is your fate if you leave your pool uncovered into Fall.  


Remember, it's called Fall for a reason. If you want to save yourself hours of clean-up, make sure your pool is closed before the leaves come down.  


How to Winterize Your Pool 


Now that the time to close your pool has come, let’s look at some steps to winterize the right way. 


  • Brush, shock, and sanitize your pool. Follow the rule of 10 ounces of algaecide per 10,000 gallons of water. 

  • Vacuum debris off the bottom of the pool. 

  • Give 24 hours for pool chemicals to filter. 

  • Drain water as necessary. 

  • Remove all plugs and water from your filter and pump. 

  • Blow out your pool’s plumbing line and then plug all the lines. 

  • Remove all ladders and handrails. 

  • Place a sturdy cover over the top of the pool and secure it properly.  


After all these steps, your pool is ready for winter.  


Now, enjoy the changing leaves and look forward to next summer! 


Pool Installation Made Easy with Outdoor Experts 


Everybody wants a pool in their yard, but many homeowners worry about the effort it takes to install the pool of their dreams.  


With Outdoor Experts, we make pool installation a breeze! All aspects of pool installation are handled by us, including design, electrical work, and plumbing. There is no need to get a contractor for every step along the way.  


Wanting an inground pool to enjoy next summer? Contact Outdoor Experts today to reserve your spot for pool installation.