How to Choose the Perfect Heater for Your Cincinnati Patio

How to Choose the Perfect Heater for Your Cincinnati Patio

November 7, 2022  |  Heater, Outdoor Spaces, Patio, Upgrades, Winter Months
heating for patio during winter months

When you have been in the Cincinnati patio game as long as Outdoor Experts, you start to pick up a few things. 


One of the most important lessons we have learned during our time installing patios is that the Ohio winter comes quickly, and once the first frost hits, that’s a wrap on your patio for the season.  


But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can extend your patio season well into the colder months simply by adding a patio heater. 


As you begin the hunt for the perfect patio heater, two immediate questions will arise.  


First, what are the dimensions and characteristics of the space that you wish to heat? Second, what type of fuel source will you use to heat the area? 


To make the final decisions, you will need to understand a unit of measurement called BTU (or British Thermal Units). The BTUs needed to properly heat your porch are determined by the size of your space, so it is important to get a precise measurement of your patio space.  


In this blog post, we will give you everything you need to know to choose the perfect patio heater for your Cincinnati patio.  


Your Guide for Determining the Best Patio Heater for Your Home 


The Outdoor Experts team has lived and operated in the Cincinnati area all our lives. We're a homegrown crowd and we specialize in opulent outdoor living spaces. We understand all too well how quickly a harsh Cincinnati winter can end your time in your outdoor living space.  


This is especially true with three-season porches or patios. Once the cold weather is here, it's not much fun spending time on the patio, no matter how luxurious the space is.  


Finding the perfect outdoor heater can add months to your outdoor living time.  


So, how do you choose an outdoor heater for your patio? Let’s take a look at a few options to help you make the final decision. 


Natural Gas Patio Heaters 


Natural gas patio heaters are one of our favorite types of patio heaters for Ohio climates.  


Heaters powered by natural gas are often more expensive upfront than electric heaters, however in the long run they can save you money since they are easier to maintain and have a cheaper fuel source. 


Natural gas heaters are most commonly available as standing units and they need to be connected at all times to function. That means they will remain stationary throughout their lifetimes. 


Here is a great model from Home Depot 


Propane Patio Heaters 


Propane heaters are portable and ideal for someone who has a large patio space.  


You will often find that a prone tank is housed in the base of these heaters, as opposed to an exterior connection. 


Propane heaters require you to regularly replace your propane tank, so the long-term costs can be more than other types of heaters.  


Propane patio heaters will come in either a standing model or a tabletop model, ideal for outdoor dining tables or patio sets.  


Here is a model you might like from Home Depot: 


Electric Patio Heaters 


Last but not least, electric patio heaters are portable, efficient, and safe.  


Electric heaters either use infrared heat or halogen heat to keep you warm. Infrared heat will quickly and effectively warm your space without using excess electricity, while halogen heaters use a halogen bulb to warm your space and are cool to the touch (making them safe for pets and children).  


There are various designs for electric heaters. Popular styles include: 


  • Standing heater 

  • Wall mounted heater 

  • Umbrella mounted heater 

  • Hanging heater 


When it comes to versatility electric heaters are hard to beat.  


Here is one of the best models from Home Depot


Outdoor Expert Helps Craft the Perfect Patio Space 


Now that you know how to spot the perfect patio heater for your home, you can enjoy your outdoor living space well into the colder months of the year. 


However, if your patio space is less than stellar, you may be tempted to let it close down when the first frost of Fall comes along. 


If you are ready for the pristine patio space you deserve, reach out to Outdoor Experts.  


Outdoor Experts are your Cincinnati outdoor living space pros. We can give you the outdoor living space of your dreams, whether it be a fabulous patio, a brand-new garden terrace, a sparkling swimming pool, or anything else you can dream of, Outdoor Experts is here for you! 


What does the patio of your dream look like? Reach out to Outdoor Experts to make it a reality! 


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