Five Tips to Host an Outdoor Party Your Guests Will Love

Five Tips to Host an Outdoor Party Your Guests Will Love

September 5, 2022  |  Outdoor Spaces
A party outside with family

Your yard is more than just a plot of land you live on. It is an extension of yourself and your family. And it is the perfect place for your friends and family to gather to celebrate life and good times together.  


While the good company is the most important ingredient in a successful party, there are other things you need to ensure that your party is a success. 


Don’t rush into it! The work you do before your party will help ensure that it is a success, and all your guests have fun (with any luck you’ll have a good time too)! 


Without further ado, here are Outdoor Expert’s top five tips for throwing a successful outdoor party in your outdoor living space.  


How to Throw a Successful Outdoor Party 


If you've just upgraded your outdoor living space, then you'll want to show off your upgrades and celebrate good times with your friends and family.  


Here are five tips to throw a better outdoor party in your outdoor living space. 


Decorate Your Space 


You just renovated your yard, and you want to show off your new features. But don’t leave it at that! Decorate your space to bring out the natural beauty of your yard.  


Nature should serve as the centerpiece. Clip flowers put them in vases, and place them in key locations around your yard. Once the sun sets, light up your space with lanterns or string lights strung across your trees and patio.  


Consider the theme of your party and use additional decorations to tastefully accentuate your motif. 


Plan for a Menu 


If your guests are staying for more than an hour, it is a good idea to plan for food and drink.  


There are many different ways you can go about setting up food for your party. Having your party catered is a classic option that is sure to please all.  


Another option is to set up a buffet. That way, guests can eat whatever they want, and the need for service is minimal. 


Finally, you can go back to basics, and cook or grill in your outdoor kitchen. This third option is perfect for more intimate gatherings, or those who want to stick with burgers and hotdogs. 


Seating Galore 


Your guests will not want to stand the whole night. You need to make sure your yard has adequate seating for all guests.  


Consider mixing your regular patio furniture with outdoor stools and footrests. Remember, you don’t necessarily need to have enough seating for an outdoor dinner (not everyone will be sitting at once), you just need enough seating so guests can rest in between mingling.  


Drinks on the House! 


Alcohol or not, you need a drink station for your guests. Talking and socializing make you thirsty! Make sure your guests stay refreshed.  


Provide multiple drink options for your guests to choose from. Provide enough cups, ice, and condiments to allow your guests to mix any sort of drink they want! 


If you are having your party catered, go the extra step and hire a bartender too. 


Pick the Right Music 


Music makes or breaks the mood of your party. You will want to pick the right music to set your desired tone.  


The music you select will determine whether your party is calm and serene or energetic and lively.  


You can choose more lively music for early in the evening, then transition into more relaxed music as the evening winds down.  


Better Back Yards with Outdoor Experts 


Your yard is not just another plot of land. It is the place where you and your family live and grow.  


At Outdoor Experts, we understand that not just any upgrades will work for your yard. You need an outdoor living space that matches your vision and works with your overall yard plan.  


If you are ready for outdoor design and build that will last and leave you happy for years to come, then it’s time to reach out to Outdoor Experts!