Can I Leave My High-End Patio Furniture Outside During the Winter?

Can I Leave My High-End Patio Furniture Outside During the Winter?

December 5, 2022  |  Furniture, Patio, Seasonal, Winter Months
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We all love our patios. There is little that is better than watching the sunrise from our backyards while we sip our morning coffee, listening to the kids play on a cool summer afternoon, or reflecting on our day as the cool night air sets in.  


Your patio should be a sanctuary, and for that reason, you have collected a fine assortment of high-end patio furniture.  

But, as winter is setting in, and snow is threatening to fall, you may wonder if you can leave your high-end patio furniture outside during the winter. 


This is a common question. The answer is dependent on a few factors which we will discuss below.  


Keep reading to help you determine whether you should keep your high-end furniture outside during the winter.  


What to Do with Your High-End Outdoor Furniture During the Winter 


If you have ever wondered what you should do with your high-end outdoor furniture during the winter, you are not alone. Many homeowners do not know whether they should store their outdoor furniture in a shed or storage unit, or if it is safe to leave them outdoors in the snow.  


The answer is dependent on a few factors. In most cases yes, you should move your high-end furniture indoors during the winter.  


However, here are some factors to consider.  


Three Season Porches 


If your outdoor furniture is located on a three-season porch, you may very well be able to keep it there all year.  


Your main worries are cold and moisture. If your porch is enclosed, has windows that seal shut, and is at least moderately temperature controlled, you can feel confident about leaving your high-end furniture out during the winter.  


Will You Use a Tarp or Cover? 


They may not be the most aesthetically pleasing options, but if you do not want to worry about storage, a tarp or outdoor furniture cover can be very effective at protecting your outdoor furniture.  


You just need to make sure that the coverings are sealed and free of holes, and that your furniture will not be adversely affected by the cold.  


Take the Cushions, Leave the Frames 


For some high-end outdoor furniture, you may only need to take the cushions inside during winter.  


If your frames will stand up to the cold and moisture that winter brings, then you only need to worry about bringing in the fabric portions of your furniture. 


But, if your frames are susceptible to rust or shrinkage, then you are better off bringing the entire piece indoors.  


How do I Store My Outdoor Furniture? 


For most people, bringing outdoor furniture inside is the best option. So, how do you store it? 


  • Storing it in a shed is always a great option. However, you must have a shed on your site or rent one out.  

  • Storage units are another option. All that is required is a rental fee and the capacity to haul your furniture to the unit. 

  • You can even store furniture in your garage for the winter. Just make sure you have enough garage space to store your pieces in.  

  • Attics can also be fine places for furniture storage. Just remember that hauling outdoor furniture upstairs can be burdensome.  


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